Here you will find some mentions of Alan in published press reviews from some of the productions he has appeared in:



"By far the standout performance of the show is Alan Mehdizadeh’s Ghastly Gordon, the Giant’s chef. Unlike his namesake, Mr Ramsey, there is no swearing here and his singing is superb. The comedy double act between Mehdizadeh and Hill are both sweet and sour – Hill being the perfect foil to Mehdizadeh’s perfect evilness". 'Jack and the Beanstalk', Review Hub


"Alan Mehdizadeh played Fender's hard-nosed and eminently dislikeable boss Ranting with force but with a sufficiently soft touch as to make him human and believable," 'The Bespoke Overcoat', in Theatre Wales


"...I admired Alan Mehdizadeh's fine tenor singing as Friar Tuck" 'Robin Hood', The Stage


"...Special mention should also be made of the mighty presence of Alan Mehdizadeh, particularly in his role as Tomos Traherne, the preacher, whose voice was every bit as imposing as his physicality...", 'Rape of the Fair Country', Theatre Wales


"...A solid performance from Alan Mehdizadeh as the Wizard/Professor, big energetic stuff..." 'Wizard of Oz', The Stage


"...the crowning glory was given by Alan Mehdizadeh, whose powerful voice gives Audrey II the relentless, yet strangely soulful vocal quality required of the part." 'Little Shop of Horrors', Theatre Wales


"...a particularly good performance from Alan Mehdizadeh who played Warbucks. He bumbled about the stage like a suited and booted teddy bear. Mehdizadeh portrayed Warbucks pariclarly well displaying a wide range of emotion and expression." 'Annie',


"Mehdizadeh did return for this revival, however, as Big Rhys Jenkins - a role which he made his own with great ease." 'Rape of the Fair Country' (Revival), Theatre Wales


"We then follow action to our first encounter of Henry Pickett's terrifying and intimidating warrior, Macbeth. He is accompanied by his friend and fellow general Banquo (Alan Mehdizadeh). Both of these actors are as imposing physically as they are vocally and both demonstrated weariness from battle and wisdom beyond their years", 'Macbeth', Theatre Wales



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